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Our Story

FAUX – Beauty training & treatments, was founded in 2012 in West Sussex.

Since starting the company we have worked internationally, providing beauty services and training in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. With 8 years of experience in the industry and a loyal following of happy clients, you can relax knowing you are in skilled hands!

FAUX became a recognized and accredited training center in 2016 and I have never looked back! I channel all of my passion and industry secrets in to my courses.

Sussex • Essex • since 2012


My name is Rowena and I am the founder of FAUX BEAUTY. 10 years ago, I was stuck behind a desk, at a job I didn’t enjoy as a PA. In a total cliché ‘right place, right time’ turn of events I met the woman who would change my life and career for the better! Because of her, I started out in the semi-permanent makeup industry and before long I was hooked!

Over the years as I gained confidence in my profession, I began to add other high-end treatments to my portfolio and was recruited to go and work in Dubai as a beauty trainer. Fast forward through the best 3 years of my life working abroad and I decided to turn my dream of having my own academy into a reality!

I now have 3 venues in the UK and share my knowledge and passion for the beauty industry by teaching students from all walks of life. I still operate busy clinics treating new and existing clients who remained with me from the start And I LOVE it.

If you would like to have a treatment or are interested in training with us, then keep scrolling!

I look forward to seeing you soon

We provide a range of services from semi permanent makeup, to hair extensions, with our experienced therapists.

All courses are accredited by ABT and come with guaranteed LIFETIME student support!

Years Experience
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They said


Had my brows done my Rowena and I can honestly say it was the best decision I have ever made. I had previously had my brows microbladed but needed them corrected. Rowena put me at so much ease with her calm and collected approach. Her knowledge and experience is amazing. My brows have transformed my face and my confidence has soared since she has worked her magic. I am now booked in with her for more semi permanent makeup as I am hooked. Thank you so much Rowena
Jodie Hinksman


Rowena is an absolute perfectionist. She won't let you leave until she is completely satisfied with her work. She knows exactly what shape and colour would suit your face. I have recommended her to 2 friends who have had their brows done too. Nothing but positive feedback and she's such a professional.
Janine Turner


The best SPMU in town . Make sure to try her work , she is professional and a friendly girl . I've done my eyebrows with her and very happy with the results .... Definitely recommend her
Elaha Novrous ● Hairstylist


Just signed up to my 2nd training session with Rowena, also had the pleasure of having my brows done too! WHAT A DELIGHT. Highly recommended.
Farrah Malik ● Beauty Therapist


I wouldn’t let anyone else touch my brows! She really is the best. Her technique is perfect giving me the brows i’ve always dreamed off!
Testimonials 5 ● Sales Director


A double whammy review ❤️ Today I completed my training with Rowena for Mircoblading it was brilliant. Rowena is such a lovely teacher and is happy to try different things to help you understand 😍 also massive BONUS she micro bladed my brows they are AMAZING! Thank you darling.
Danielle Gray ● Beauty Therapist


Yesterday I completed my training with Rowena for Mircoblading and the overall experience was amazing from start to finish. Rowena is such a fabulous teacher, offering you so much dedication, patience and support! I’ve already planned my next training to be with Rowena as I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else 😍 Thanks so much for being so amazing, you’re brilliant 🤍
Kourtney Potter ● Cabin Crew - British Airways


I was so scared to get my brows done by Rowena, terrified it was going to hurt. As soon as I arrived I was made to feel at ease. I remember when Rowena began tattooing I said “surely you feel more than this?!” But I didn’t! The treatment didn’t hurt & it is the best thing I have ever done. I LOVE my brows. Lots of people who have gone to other people often comment and say how good they look and how good the colour has lasted compared to theirs! I cannot recommend faux beauty enough! ❤️
Danielle Hearne


💗✨ I would recommend Faux beauty, because it’s a professional run business, who I trust whole heartedly sometimes as girls we see a vision of how we want our hair, eyebrows etc and sometimes you just need to actually get professional advise from an expert and I got that at Faux when I had both my hair extension and eyebrow consultation and the results was 😍 I get compliments on my eyebrows pretty much everyday! And even when I was getting my eyebrows done for the first time Rowena put me at ease and I felt like I was talking to a friend I had known for 10 years! Thank you thank you, and I CANNOT wait to come back for my facials and eyebrows
Joely Richardson ● Cabin crew - Virgin Atlantic