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Always use protection!

what is ppe and why is it so important to use it and keep our clients safe? Since coronavirus craziness, PPE has been one of the most talked-about subjects. So what is it? PPE is Personal Protective Equipment and us SPMU artists have been using it since the beginning of time! Why do we need it? Semi-permanent makeup / microblading is classed as an invasive procedure – in other words, the skin is broken during treatment, and with broken skin comes body fluids and blood. It is our job to make sure no bodily fluid is transferred from one client to another and that everything we use is single/disposable where possible and that we are always wearing gloves, aprons, and masks which are changed after each client. HAVE YOU WRAPPED UP!? I can not stress enough how mad I get when I see people ‘training’ their SPMU students, or technicians working with machines which are left bare and exposed to blood and fluids, with their clients laying on soft cushions and fluffy blankets… THIS IS NOT STERILE and results in cross-infection/contamination. Everything must be wrapped and protected and sprayed or wiped with medical-grade disinfectant between EVERY CLIENT! so girls if your brow tech is about to go in bareback on your face at your next appointment…. grab your shit and run!

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