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Choosing your injector – Medic vs non medic

Injector – Medic vs non medic

The last year or so has seen a huge surge in the number of aesthetic practitioners and as injectable treatments have rocketed in popularity so has the bad press. Like any other treatment out there, there are always conflicting views on whether fillers/botox is good or bad and who should or shouldn’t perform the treatment. This leads me on to the medic vs non-medic debate…

Social media can be a blessing and a curse, it can be a powerful, positive tool when marketing your business and showcasing your successes but this can change quite literally overnight. If you are into injectables and have an Instagram or tik-tok account, the chances are your ‘for you page’ is flooded with images of snatched jaws, full lips, and frozen foreheads (we love to see it!) But you will probably have started to see more and more educational posts along with the horror stories of when filler goes wrong. These include gruesome images of vascular occlusions or necrosis….. scary!

While I believe it is so important for practitioners to educate their clients of the potential risks and the measures they take  to minimize and reverse these complications, I do not believe in bashing other businesses to get that point across (that’s a whole other blog!) A complication can happen to ANYONE not just beauty therapists or injectors but also medical professionals, the most important thing is that the injector knows how to recognize and fix any problems which might occur.

There has been a bit of a witch hunt against non-medic injectors in the media over the last couple of years and to be honest it put me off of training in aesthetics so badly! I am 8 years qualified in semi-permanent makeup, skin needling, and chemical peels and hold my level 4 in anatomy & physiology, due to the nature of my treatments I have always worked in a completely sterile environment and have a good understanding of the facial anatomy but no matter how many of my clients asked me (and some borderline begged) to start doing fillers and botox I was too scared of being judged or not feeling good enough because I am not a nurse. I went back and forth in my head for about 4 years before finally deciding to leap into aesthetics. I knew I would work cautiously and safely and knew that I had the eye to create beautiful features using fillers so I just went for it and I am so glad I did as it has totally transformed my business and I am so passionate about it.

In recent months, I have had a few clients wanting to book an appointment but pulling out after being told by a friend “you shouldn’t go to her if she isn’t a medic, ” which led me to write this blog!

A Midwife goes to university for years to learn how to bring a baby into the world, a dentist goes to university to learn how to maintain healthy teeth and transform a smile and a doctor learns how to diagnose illnesses…… none of those medical professionals go to university to learn botox and filler! They do the same training as a non-medic! I have had filler in my lips for years and I once had a plastic surgeon do them. I can honestly say it was the most painful experience I have ever had with an aesthetic treatment and I was the least happy with the result!

I have paid to attend multiple complication management courses as well as masterclasses where I was taught by medical professionals how to minimize the risks by aspirating how to reverse vascular occlusions, administer emergency filler dissolver as well as carrying epi-pens in case of anaphylaxis so trust me when I say you couldn’t be in safer hands!

Don’t get me wrong there are some slapdash injectors out there who have gone from working in an office, doing a cheap 1-day course and haven’t a clue about how to recognize an emergency, but that shouldn’t tarnish the rest of us who take the safety of our clients and our reputation very seriously!  Always make sure your technician is insured, educated, and most of all skilled!

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