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When it comes to lip fillers less can be more, but not always! Most of you who have social media will
have seen the ‘teaspoon’ image.

This shows what a half ml, a full 1ml, and a 2ml amount of filler looks like outside of the body. Not as much as you thought right?! Having your lips done for the first time can feel really daunting which is why most newbies will come to see me adamant you only want half an ml. Take a look at how little volume and product that actually is, now HALF that and share it between 2 lips… You aren’t getting much juice for the squeeze!

Here is my go-to lip guide


  • full lips that aren’t symmetrical or need evening out
  • full lips that have volume but need a lift or cupids bow definition
  • 6 – 12 monthly top ups to maintain your lips once you’ve reached your desired pout!


  • Thin lips wanting a natural result
  • Russian lip technique aka lip flip / lip lift


  • Thin lips wanting to achieve full lips


  • Thin lips wanting to achieve full lip results
  • Facial fillers such as cheeks/chin/jaw

If you weren’t naturally blessed with those plump pillowy lips we all dream of and instead you have super fine tips, don’t worry we can totally get you there. It just takes time! I would recommend we start your lip journey with 1 ml and build up the volume gradually over time. Usually, 2 ml in total over the space of a year will take you from thin lips to the pout of dreams is perfect and will ALWAYS look natural.


The body is crazy clever and as we all know our skin is capable of stretching and shrinking as long as it happens gradually. Think of pregnancy, your tummy grows steadily over 9 months to allow your skin to adapt and stretch. If you went from a flat stomach to a 9-month bump overnight your skin would likely split and your organs would become compromised. The same goes for adding large volumes of fillers into small areas such as thin lips. We need to fill them slowly, with rest periods in between appointments to allow the body to accept the filler and let the skin settle. Overfilled lips or lips that have been filled over multiple appointments too close together will result in migration. Migration is where the small area of lip tissue and surrounding skin isn’t given enough time to absorb the filler and let the skin adapt. The filler is injected but literally has nowhere to settle inside the lip because the skin hasn’t got time to make room for it. This results in the filler ‘migrating’, the filler will find the nearest free space and make itself at home, most commonly seen under the surrounding skin, especially above the top lip and under the nose resulting in…. ‘duck lips’ ‘sausage lips’ ‘trout pout’ and it can also look like a mustache! Not the look you were hoping for!

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