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How to know which training school right for you?

There are SO many training providers out there now that it has become a bit of a mine field, so choosing the right fit can seem impossible!

Now I’m not here to preach about why I’m the best trainer for you (even though I am ; )) but to give you some tips on how to narrow down the search and avoid wasting money on poor training!

BREAK IT DOWN – write down exactly what you want to take from your experience in the training room. Do you want a no-nonsense experience which is jammed full of theory and science, do you want a more relaxed learning environment which can also be fun, do you want access to support after your course, do you want to learn in a big group or a smaller more hands-on environment, do you feel comfortable with a younger or older trainer, are you receiving high-quality products in your kit, is the course accredited and most importantly IS THE TRAINERS WORK GOOD!?

STALK – Once you’ve got your list in place and you have narrowed down the search, hit Google /Instagram & Facebook, and do what we do the best STALK! give yourself a day to trawl through their reviews from customers and students… no one wants to learn how to create brows that aren’t going to last etc. Look closely at their work, is it the kind of work that inspires you? Is it good enough? Would you walk around with their work on you? Would you be proud to say you were trained by them? When it comes to Google, be careful as some bigger companies can afford to throw a lot of money at advertising on google to rank at the top, this doesn’t actually mean they are any good though! I have had a lot of girls retrain after initially choosing the ‘TOP academies in London’ (again location doesn’t mean anything when it comes to skill, so be willing to travel to find your perfect fit!) and not even have been able to complete ONE full set of brows from start to finish, left their course clueless and confused with no after course support and £8,000 lighter….. OUCH!

ENQUIRE – Send an email or DM to the companies who have made the cut in your final 3 faves, If you don’t hear back from them within a few days, I would take that as a sign from above that maybe it’s not meant to be. I like quick replies and for someone to be keen and friendly and care that I’m about to invest thousands to train with them. Check out their websites/story highlights for pricing, some people will charge you £1,000 for 2 days training others will charge you £3,000, some will offer 4 days training for £2,000 and others might charge £6,000. a good ballpark figure is 3/4 days with a high-quality kit included and ranging between 2-3k.

SO… WHAT DO WE OFFER!? – I’m going to save you all that screen time and tell you exactly what you get on a microblading or ombre brow course with FAUX.

Trainer and environment – 30-year-old female brow boss with 8 years of experience in the UK & Dubai. Brow obsessed perfectionist who believes in making training fun and easy to digest. The main training objective is to pour all of my passion knowledge and tips into my students and make them AMAZING at what they do. I never take more than 2 students per course so you are getting the most intensive hands-on training. It’s the only way to learn! I continue to help my brow babies grow their business and support them throughout their career, you are joining the FAUX family, not just an academy.

Course overview – 3-day course with extensive home study beforehand, all hands-on practical focused with each student completing 3 sets of brows. No corners cut on the kits, what I use ….. you get! I’ve had a lot of experience with a lot of different brands but I can safely say that we only supply the best in the business in our kits, Permablend brow pigments being one of them …. full-size bottles NOT fobbed off with testers (thank me later!)

Find out more about our training courses and pricing on our training page https://faux-beauty.com/training/

I hope that has shed some light on where to start and I wish you all the best on your training journey! Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you in my classrooms very soon! x

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