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How to start a beauty business?

Microblading vs ombre brows

The pandemic has really given people a new perspective. Whether it was due to redundancy or just realizing working for someone else didn’t make them happy anymore. If you are a total beginner, a career in beauty can seem like a dream which you don’t know how to accomplish or even start!

From someone who has gone from a personal assistant to a beauty boss, I thought I would share my 5 steps to making it in the industry.


It can be tempting when first starting out, to pick your training provider for the wrong reasons such as location, convenience, or a really cheap price! Let me assure you this is going to set you back before you’ve even begun. When researching your beauty or aesthetic courses you need to make sure the trainers’ work is on point! You should want to train with someone whose work inspires you and looks top quality, you can’t learn the amazing skills from substandard teachers. Also, prepare to pay a little more to make sure your training is ACCREDITED. As the course will be recognized and you won’t be able to gain insurance.

I have been in the industry 10 years and when I tell you I have rebranded 5 times I am not kidding! When I started social media wasn’t really a thing so it didn’t impact my reputation or business in any way. Nowadays everything is so public and all about getting viewed online so take some time and decide on a logo/theme/brand image.  Do not rush this and seek a professional graphic designer to get it all looking sleek. I would also recommend a website for added credibility.


As cringe as it may feel sometimes you have to really put yourself out there to try and grasp opportunities. You need to reach out to influencers or other local businesses with a strong social media presence or a great client base and ask to collaborate, 9 out of 10 might ignore you or say no, but all you need is that 1 yes to really kickstart your career. Putting this into action when thinking about finding clients. Also, share with everyone about your new venture! Colleagues, school mums, gym instructors, dog walkers…… you name it, they need to know!


Decide on where you want to work from. Start with  Home-based or in amongst it all in an established salon? To be honest the best thing to do is start in a salon and work learn the ropes, learn from other techs, and of course gain a clientele.

TOP TIP – If you can work on a commission split basis rather than room rental, that way the salon is incentivized to get you booked up and you won’t be paying for an empty room!


It took me about a year of working 2 jobs, evenings and weekends before I could go full-time self-employed. It doesn’t come easy and you will have days where you want to give up! You might go a month with only 1 booking and that is ok, just don’t quit. Dealing with clients, juggling social media, booking systems, and stock ordering can be quite overwhelming so just take a deep breath and crack on!

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